Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fun, Fab, Feminine Baby Mobile

The most amazing little person came into my life 2 days before Christmas! She is precious beyond imagining and brings me such joy just by being. Raising 3 boys never allowed me to make frilly stuff so I am taking full advantage of Mimi-hood and making all sorts of fun, fab, feminine fluff!

This sparkly confection was my first Mimi masterpiece.

It is difficult to photograph and the sparkle and glitter do not really show up in the photos but believe me it's there! 

My process:
1. Wrap foam wreath form in gold polka dot washi tape
2. Wrap again with pink tulle and then fluff and pin more tulle around wreath
3. Using pre-strung acrylic crystals (Hobby Lobby wedding dept), cut strands to desired and varied lengths. 
4. Using Cricut Explore, cut glitter paper into desired shapes and in varied sizes.  Cut shapes in mirrored pairs so they can be glued back to back.
5. Using Liquid Glass, Glue paired shapes back to back over fishing line. 
6. Tie strands of shapes and strands of crystals to the loops of Tim Holtz Memo Pins.
7. Push memo pins through inside ring of wreath form.
8. Tie 3-4 strips of tulle around wreath and then tie together at top to hang.